Water Bank Hydro Mist (150ml)

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Size: 150ml

Key Point: Mineral water extracted from vegetables strengthens the skin barrier and moisturizes dry skin.


1.     Green mineral hydro water builds up and moisturizes the skin

-       Green mineral hydro water from Kale, Water cress, Beet root refills the moisture all day long and maintains moist skin.


2.     Immediate provision of rich moisture with mist spray pump

-       French mist spray pump delivers fine particles of moisture to the skin and immediately provides plentiful moisture to dry skin.


3.     Deep and rich moisture with Ocean Brew method

-       Extracted with Independent Ocean Brew method(15℃/5hours), it provides full moisture that doesn’t dry up.


Purpose: You can use Water Bank Hydro Mist whenever you need moisture cream. It can be used even on the face with makeup.


Indications and Usage: With eyes closed, spray the mist while 20-30 centimeters away from the face. Feel free to spray on the entire face whenever it feels dry.

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