Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon (30ea)

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[Expiry Date : 2020.03.19]

Point: Vitamin C element from lemons contained in this product helps clear, vitalize and tighten the skin. Not only that, the pure threaded cotton pads sensitively take care of all the dead skin cells inside and outside the skin, completing peeling care at home.


1.       NEOGEN PHA™ peeling that even the sensitive skin type can safely use

-      NEOGEN PHA™ essence that is excellent in hydrating and soothing the skin takes care of old dead skin cells and skin impurities well for smoother skin texture. Also Vitamin C and Citral rich in Lemons, Lemongrass Leaves and stems vitalize, tighten and add moisture to tired and dull skin.

2.       Natural essential oil fragrance

-      Contained Tangerine and Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil present a natural, mellow and fresh feel with aromatic scent.

3.       Special 3-layered gauze peeling pad

①      First layer with 100% pure cotton threaded pad

100% pure cotton pad with network mesh weaving method that is similar to human skin structure helps softly remove clogged dead skin cells and various skin wastes.

②      Second layer with cushion pad
It is a cushion pad for closely sticking the 100% pure cotton gauze threaded pad. It is more effective when soaked with essence.

③      Third layer of embossed pad
Embossed pad that contains rich peeling essence smooths out the once peeled skin texture and neatly removes remaining fine dead skin cells and impurities.


Purpose: With the synergy effect of chemical + physical double peeling, it effectively removes old dead skin cells and softens the skin texture.


Indications and Usage:

Step 1. 100% pure cotton threaded pad
After face wash, remove water from the face and gently wipe the entire face and move along from the inside to the outside and up and down of the neck area. Wipe thoroughly the areas that have more dead skin cells.


Step 2. Embossed pad
After using the pure cotton threaded pad, with an embossed pad, gently dab on the face to smooth out the skin texture.

Size: 30ea / 190ml


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