Seoyang Tangguk DIET Black Coffee (10sticks)

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What if we told you that just a cup or two of coffee everyday could help keep you slim and feeling great? These black coffee formulas are made with green coffee bean extract and L-Carnitine to help reduce body fat. The beans come in a premium dark roast and contain no sugar for a robust, delicious taste. Try these out for yourself today!

What's Good
  • L-Carnitine helps you get lighter.
  • No sugar
  • Premium dark roasting (Deep flavor and good taste - Premium dark roast coffee
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How to Use

Mix one stick’s content with 200ml of warm water and stir before consuming. The contents can also be mixed with other drinks to be enjoyed. It’s recommended to have up to only two sticks per day.

What's Included

Seoyang Tangguk Black Coffee (10sticks)

Key Ingredients

L-Carnitine– Reduces body fat
Green Coffee Bean Extract Powder – Encourage overall wellness

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