Pop-Up Cara_Volume Pop (5g)

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Point: Richly POP! Curling UP! Pop-up mascara will express the full volume of your eyelashes without drooping.


1.        Peanut-shaped brush closely touches the eyelashes!

Three-dimensionally shaped brush: The stereoscopic peanut-shaped brush delicately touches each eyelash including even the hidden ones, expressing richer volume.

2.        Smooth volume UP

Smoothly and richly POP UP: Elastic film former smoothly glides on the eyelashes without getting lumps and achieves more abundant volume with deep color.

3.        All day lasting with ZERO smudging and sagging!

Maintaining fresh makeup all day long: Coating fixing formula gets closely and tightly applied on eyelashes and helps the curl stay all day without smudging.

4.        Easy cleansing!

Easily washable with warm water: Due to simple cleansing with lukewarm water, it can be easily used even on the sensitive eye areas every day.


Indications and Usage:

Apply the brush meticulously from eyelash root to the tip.

Apply several times onto eyelash tip and under lash for expressing more rich volume.

Size: 5g


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