Layering Cover Cushion (16.5g)

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2 in 1 cushion that balances the coverage by layering concealer and cushion and achieves bright and flawless complexion


1.      Step 1. Perfect coverage with concealing base

-       Aqua Melting Technology: Highly covering stick concealer contained inside the cushion! Melting texture due to skin temperature and pressure gets applied smoothly on the skin and adheres firmly.
2.      Step 2. Natural complexion with layering cover cushion

-       Illuminating Jewel Powder: By giving bright pink lighting effect and providing depth to the face when applied, Jewel Powder expresses lively complexion even with high coverage. Also French Sparkling Water, Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Litchi Chinensis Pericarp Extract give cooling & moisturizing effect and maintain moist and soothed skin.

3.      Layering puff as real & perfect tool

-       Achieving semi matt cover with upper water drop-shaped ‘concealing puff’ and natural dewy glow with lower ‘cushion air puff’.

How to use:

Step 1: Blemish & pore cover

Tightly cover the skin texture and flaws with concealing base.

 Step 2: Coloring the skin tone 

Naturally finish as rosy complexion with layering cover cushion.

Size : 16.5g

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