Hair Secret Dry Shampoo Sheets (30ea)

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Want to know the secret to perfect hair all day long? Stash a box of these Hair Secret Dry Shampoo Sheets from Etude House in your purse! These convenient little blotting sheets are coated in a fine layer of silica powder, sea mud and calcium extracts that sucks up the oil, leaving your hair grease-free and your do lifted. Be sure to shake out your hair after to remove any white residue and you're ready to go!

What's Good

- Dry shampoo sheets to refresh oily hair

- Handy size, easy to carry around

- Removes grease and keeps hair feeling clean

Skin Type

Trouble, acne-prone skin

How to Use

Take out a sheet and using the side coated with white powder, gently rub onto the roots of the hair. Massage in product, then shake it off to refresh hair. Continue blotting if needed with the other side of the sheet, then discard after use.

What's Included

1 x Hair Secret Dry Shampoo Sheets 30pcs

Key Ingredients

Sea mud - Helps clarify the hair and add volume

Silica powder - Removes greasiness from the scalp

Calcium extract - Absorbs oil away from the roots of the hair

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