CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule (20ml)

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Sure, we love sitting in salons and getting our hair pampered, but that deals quite a bit of damage to our purses. Get the salon treatment right at home without breaking the bank with CP-1's Premium Silk Ampoule! This best-selling hair treatment uses protein to strengthen, repair and protect your tresses, giving you shiny, healthy hair. It also contains hydrolyzed silk to smoothen and detangle your locks, leaving them soft, silky and manageable.

What's Good

- Leave on hair treatment

- Contains protein to strengthen, repair and protect the hair

- Easily absorbed, non-sticky feel

Skin Type

All hair types

How to Use

Apply evenly onto either dry or wet hair and allow to absorb in. Style hair as needed.

What's Included

1 x Premium Silk Ampoule 20ml

Key Ingredients

Quinoa seed extract - Strengthens the strands and protects the hair from heat damage

Hydrolyzed silk - Smoothen and detangle the hair

Amino acid complex - Repairs the hair to keep it healthy and elastic

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