Rolling Ponytail Molly (Matt Most Fiber)

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Growing your hair out but impatient to have long, flowy locks? These hair extensions from Pink Age will give you a gorgeous ponytail no no time! Made with synthetic fibers, these hair extensions have a natural look, adding volume and length without compromising on style or beauty. Enhance your fresh faced beauty with these easy-to-use clip ons now!

Please note that because of alhea box size issue, the pony tail package in the video and the actual package you receive will be different. The real box you'll receive is the same with the thumbnail image.

What's Good
  • Ponytail extensions
  • Trendy gentle curl
  • Gives the hair volume and length
Skin Type

* Choose the color closest to your hair color

How to Use
  • Tie your hair into a ponytail, then clip on the hair extension. Secure the velcro on the bottom of the clip for a sturdy wear.
What's Included
  • 1 x Rolling Ponytail Molly (Matt Most Fiver) (39cm)
Key Ingredients
  • Synthetic fibers
View full ingredients list.
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