Aqua Deep Cleansing Pad (1ea)

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One wipe is all you need for clean, fresh skin! Onsaemeein’s Aqua Deep Cleansing Pads are one-step solutions to cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup from the skin, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. They’re also formulated with green tea, sea buckthorn and hyaluronic acid to cleanse, soothe and nourish the skin, ensuring your skin stays supple even after cleansing.
What's Good
  • One-step cleansing pads that remove makeup and impurities from the skin
  • Individually packed for convenience
  • Has a hydrating formula that keeps the skin supple
Skin Type
All skin types
How to Use
Peel open the packet and remove the pad from within. Using the the embossed side, wipe onto the face to remove residue and makeup. Flip the pad over and wipe onto the face using the smooth side.
What's Included
1 x Aqua Deep Cleansing Pad (1ea)
Key Ingredients

Green tea - Has amino acids to moisturize the complexion
Sea buckthorn extract- Rich in vitamin C to keep the skin bright and firm
Hyaluronic acid - Attracts moisture to the skin to prevent dehydration

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