Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense (2.5g)

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Point: 3-in-one crayon type lip pencil for expressing vivid and soft lips!


1.     Highly adhesive velvety texture

-      Even application without cakiness, intense color pigmentation and highly adhesive velvet-like texture on the lips!

2.     Upgraded creaminess

-      Containing spherical powder element, it is more smoothly applied with creamy texture.

3.     Softness without cakiness

-      It captures and coats moisture on the lips, making soft lip texture without being chapped and caky.


Purpose: It presents intense color pigmentation like a lipstick and creamy velvety texture when applied.


Indications and Usage:

Gently draw along the lip line and fill the rest. If you want to express gradated lips, apply different color inside the lips.

Size: 2.5g 

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