Red Energy Recovery Serum (30ml)


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Sandra Low
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concerns: Skin Tone/Texture
Skin Tone: Light
Product Quality:
Value for Money:
Totally Worth It!
Not Worth the Price
Repurchase Intent:
Yes, Definitely
Never Ever
Age: 35-44
Questioning authenticity of product

I don't normally leave a review but I do want to voice my disappointment. I have used Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum and absolutely love it. When my bottle was finishing, I needed to re-purchase. Previously I bought mine from offline Mamonde store but unfortunately, all the stores in Singapore has closed. I had to then source for online stores. There were many good reviews on Althea so I decided to make my purchase from Althea. Also, they were having such a good deal that I couldn't miss.. it was less than half the price and yet I get a 50ml bottle instead of the 30ml bottle which I had previously. I thought it was such a good steal and I bought 2 bottles. After just 1 day of using, I started getting tiny bumps on my forehead. I stoppped using 2 days later. My skin condition improved. I decided to try again and the same happened. It has never happened before when I used the bottle from bought from the Mamonde store. It was very disappointing as I have never faced issues using it previously. I do question the authenticity of the products. I google more and found that most of it come in 30ml. I will not buying from Althea again.

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