Petal Velvet Powder (3g)

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Althea's very own product range is here, and we're starting off strong with the Petal Velvet Powder! This debuting beauty is a translucent powder that sets makeup and leaves behind a silky finish to the touch. Infused with oil from Althea seeds, this powder works to keep sebum production at bay without drying out the skin for a radiant, fresh look, all while giving out a gentle scent. Keep your makeup looking great all day or dust some on to stay shine-free! Now available in #0 Translucent and #23 Warm Beige colors.

Pair it with the new super light, moisture-filled Petal Velvet Sunaway and get 10% off the petal duo!

Designed and made in Korea, with love

With the belief that you deserve the best quality, at affordable prices

Always backed by a 30 day unconditional returns policy

What's Good

- Mattifying, lightweight feel

- Skin smoothening

- For all skin tones (#0) OR darker tones (#23)

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Pick up product using a brush or puff provided and apply evenly onto the skin.

What's Included

1 x Petal Velvet Powder: 3g

Key Ingredients

Althea seed extract - rich in antioxidants, protecting the skin from externalities and ensuring it stays nice and hydrated.

Polyphenols - Keeps the skin protected from UV rays

Saponarin - Repairs damaged cells and restores elasticity to aging skin

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Give your skin the look and feel of soft flower petals with this translucent, skin smoothing powder. Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder sets makeup, minimize pores, and smooth unevenness, leaving the skin in a satin finish that’s soft and supple to the touch.

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