Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream (200ml)

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Purpose: Bright deep cleansing cream with creamy soft texture gently removes makeup and contained rice water even more brightens and cleans the skin.


1.       Rice water cleanser line for bright and moist skin

-       Milky rice water that you get when washing off rice is rich in vitamin B and minerals which effectively moisturize and brighten the skin. 

2.       Thorough cleansing of makeup with whipped cream-like and soft texture

-       With amazing cleansing power that completely removes remaining makeup, it mildly but freshly cleans your face every day.


How to use:

Take an appropriate amount on the hands and evenly apply on the entire face. Gently massage until makeup is melted and wipe off with tissue. Finish with cleansing foam.

Size: 200ml

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