Back To Pure Daily Foaming Gel Cleanser (200ml)

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The pH level of 5.7 gel foaming cleanser helps calm irritation and soothe skin specially formulated for sensitive skin. The light lather uses micro bubbles to gently wash away impurities: You'll see how fresh, soothed, and healthy your skin feels after each wash.
What's Good

  • It feels pure with micro foam without stressors.

  • Smoothly removes impurities and excess sebum for hydration.

  • Light makeup cleansing.

  • Leaves your skin comfortable in the morning as it does not cause roughness.

  • A fresh and subtle scent

Skin Type
All skin types
How to Use
Dispense a moderate amount into your hand. Add water and lather. Massage onto face and neck, avoiding eye area. Rinse with water.
What's Included
Back To Pure Daily Foaming Gel Cleanser
Key Ingredients

Licorice Root Extract- Brightening
Pomegranate Extract- Protecting and strengthening skin as a antioxidant

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