Stress Out Solution Pad (70ea)

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Destress your skin with Bellamonster’s Stress Out Solution Pads! These calming toner pads are infused with carrot seed oil to nourish, hydrate and repair the skin, revealing a healthy, balanced complexion. Made with a gentle formula, this is suitable for all skin types include those of us with sensitive skin. Healthy, happy skin, here we come!
What's Good
  • Nourishing toner pads that hydrate and repair the complexion
  • Contains carrot seed oil to soothe and moisturize
  • Skin is left feeling supple, balanced and healthy
Skin Type
All skin types
How to Use
On cleansed, dry skin, take out a pad and wipe it onto the skin avoiding the eye area. Gently pat in any remaining essence into the skin till absorbed.
What's Included
1 x Stress Out Solution Pad (70ea)
Key Ingredients
  • Carrot seed oil -  Moisturizes and strengthens the skin

  • Centella Asiatica extract - soothes irritation and repairs the skin

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