Pore Out Solution Pad (70ea)

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Watermelons aren’t just summer’s coolest fruits, they’re perfect for keeping your skin in tip-top shape too! These cooling toner pads are infused with watermelon seed oil to moisturize, clarify and minimize enlarged pores, leaving you with an even, healthy complexion. For an extra fresh feel that beats the heat on extra hot days, store in the refrigerator before use!
What's Good
  • Cooling toner pads that clarify the complexion
  • Contains watermelon seed oil to moisturize and minimize enlarged pores
  • Skin is left feeling fresh and supple
Skin Type
All skin types
How to Use
On cleansed, dry skin, take out a pad and wipe it onto the skin avoiding the eye area. Gently pat in any remaining essence into the skin till absorbed.
What's Included
1 x Pore Out Solution Pad (70ea)
Key Ingredients
  • Watermelon seed oil – Moisturizes the skin, clarifies and minimizes enlarged pores
  • Xylitol - Hydrates and cools down the skin
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