Blur Pang Peach Milk Blur (50ml)

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Point: Multi blur tone-up cream that makes silky smooth skin like my own and includes protection function from UV rays.

            1. Tone-up cream for peach-like soft and natural skin like it’s my own skin tone

                 - With peachy tone-up cream, add enliven the pale, dull and dark skin tone!

            2. Smooth blur effect + protection from UV rays! Smart multi blur cream

                 - Contained blur powder holds the pores and rugged skin and makes them smooth. Not only that, it also blocks UV rays to walk confidently under the intense sunlight.

            3. Peach vita whitening that brightens from deep inside the skin!

                 - Containing real Peach Extract with rich vitamin, fresh Milk Extract from New Zealand with whitening and soothing effect, nutritious Goat Milk Extract from Jeju Island and 10 vitamin elements brighten the skin from deep inside the skin.


Purpose: It brightens up the dull, pale and dark skin and turns it into peachy tone.


Indications and Usage:

  1. At the last step of skincare or sunblock, apply an appropriate amount along facial texture! When you go out, use it as a tone-up cream with UV ray protection function for peach colored soft skin.

        2. Bright peachy skin is complete!

Size: 50ml

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