[2018 Holiday] Dream and Glow Lip Care Set (10ml x 2 + 8ml x 2)

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Lip care for shiny lips day and night! Use Lip Sleeping Mask at night for sweet dream and Lip Glowy Balm in the morning for bright glow!



1.       Daily moisturization
As if you’re wearing a breathing moisturizing layer on the lips, it achieves highly moist lips right after application by smoothing out dead skin cells.
2.       Lively and plump lips
With natural and lively lip color, it expresses vivid and plump lips.


How to use:

[Lip Sleeping Mask]

Before sleep, apply a thick layer with a contained spatula. Next morning, wipe off with a tissue or a cotton pad.


[Lip Glowy Balm]

Before and after makeup, apply anytime your lips feel dry.

Size: 36g

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